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To help you complete your look, we have the perfect selection of timeless, classic jewellery accessories, from our stunning silver and pearl jewellery range.

Stunning pearl jewellery

in a range of

precious metals.

One of the oldest known gems, archaeologists unearthed pearl jewellery in the pyramids, proving their existence goes back at least 5,000 years

Pearls are not just for your wedding day; think countless glamorous celebrities through the ages from Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly through to Angelina Jolie – pearls offer a timeless, stylish jewellery look.

It’s widely thought they became synonymous with bridal jewellery as they are symbolic of purity, however, when paired with something edgy they can suggest an edge of naughtiness, as seen on the latest designer catwalks.┬áThe most exciting contemporary jewellery designers are further challenging the prim stereotype of white pearl jewellery by incorporating dramatic natural coloured pearls into modern styles, completely altering the personality and wearability of pearl jewellery.

  • Graduated Pearl Necklace

  • Freshwater Pearl and Simulated Diamond Earrings

  • Barrel Shaped Pearl Set

  • Pink Pearl Earrings

  • Baroque Shaped Pearl Set

  • Short Drop Freshwater Pearl Earrings

  • Single Freshwater Pearl Necklace

  • Freshwater Pearl C Shaped Earrings

  • Freshwater Pearl and Simulated Diamond Necklace

  • Chain Drop Freshwater Pearl Earrings

  • White Pearl Earrings

  • Anthracite Pearl Earrings

  • Freshwater Pearl and Simulated Diamond Huggie Earrings

  • Freshwater Pearl Cufflinks

  • Grey Pearl Earrings