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Choose from collection range of beautiful engagement ring designs or create your own unique bespoke piece
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Engagement rings designed

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with skill and care


The time leading up to a proposal is exciting, but can be fraught with all the information out there that you’re faced with. Our personal service from start to finish helps guide you through the engagement ring process, whether it’s choosing a design from our wide collection or designing your own unique piece. Talk us through your ideas and inspiration, show us pictures, Pinterest boards or existing jewellery – we’ll help you through the possibilities to ¬†the perfect choice, on budget.

Our design process starts with your¬†diamond – shape is a good place to begin, and then an idea of size. We’ll source a selection of stones that fit your criteria and let you see them loose. This way you can see each stone close up and pick the one that speaks to you. Then, the ring is chosen or designed around the stone. All the time we will work with your budget in mind and advise you on the best choices available. At this point our craftsmen take over and create your ring within a few weeks.

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Choosing A Diamond

Read our guide to diamond grading to find out more

Choosing the right diamond can be confusing with all of the different factors that go into the mix. We help you through the details of cut, colour, clarity, carat weight, polish, symmetry and just about everything else alone the way...

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